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Name Brett Barker
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Thrown Rod Halt Mod

I am a graduate of Michigan Tech's Biomedical Engineering program. I have designed scientific prototypes in a laboratory setting to increase the productivity of my fellow researchers in the area of biomechanics and biocomplexity.

Experience[edit | edit source]

  • Sergeant, U.S. Army Engineers
  • Biomedical Engineer Intern
    • Veteran's Health Administration, National Center for Patient Safety
  • International Business Ventures Enterprise, MTU
    • Mobile Clinic Team
    • Pressure Controlled Medical Ventilator
      • Arduino
      • 3D printed oxygen intake

Projects[edit | edit source]

Petri Dish Rotator
This device is used to make gel samples with reflective glass or silicon beads for ultrasound testing
Petri Dish Rotator
Print Fault Detection
Circuit to pause a print in the event of a thrown rod
Thrown Rod Halt Mod
Mechanical Tester
Measuring milli-Newtons and 0.1 micron steps

MicroScale MechTester.jpg

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