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Brett Barker[edit]

Bwbarker profile.jpg


I am a graduate of Michigan Tech's Biomedical Engineering program. I have designed scientific prototypes in a laboratory setting to increase the productivity of my fellow researchers in the area of biomechanics and biocomplexity.


  • Sergeant, U.S. Army Engineers
  • Biomedical Engineer Intern
    • Veteran's Health Administration, National Center for Patient Safety
  • International Business Ventures Enterprise, MTU
    • Mobile Clinic Team
    • Pressure Controlled Medical Ventilator
      • Arduino
      • 3D printed oxygen intake


Petri Dish Rotator
This device is used to make gel samples with reflective glass or silicon beads for ultrasound testing
Petri Dish Rotator
Print Fault Detection
Circuit to pause a print in the event of a thrown rod
Thrown Rod Halt Mod
Mechanical Tester
Measuring milli-Newtons and 0.1 micron steps

MicroScale MechTester.jpg




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