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Name: Bryan Schmitt

I love being outdoors and cold weather. I enjoy working with others and like to solve real life problems. I am currently a student at Humboldt State University working on my degree of Environmental Resources Engineering.

Interests in Engineering[edit | edit source]

  • The fact that working with others is common.
  • The idea that I will be helping create a more sustainable environment for everyone.
  • I like learning about recent inventions and modifications that other engineers have done.

Engineering Portfolio[edit | edit source]

  • For Engineering 215 at Humboldt State University I worked with an engineering team named E2 to create an educational kit which teaches 5th through 8th grade students about energy conservation. Bust-A-Watt is the document that E2 wrote during the construction of the educational kit.
  • This Gantt Chart shows an example of project planning software
  • This Time Sheet shows my total hours spent on work for Engineering 215 during the spring 2010 semester.
  • This Memo was written to the Engineering 215 instructor, Lonny Grafman, regarding the second section of our five section document.
  • A CAD Design was created as a guide within the Engineering 215 design document.