About Me[edit | edit source]

A picture of me

My name is Brandon Storer, I am a student at Cal Poly Humboldt and majoring in Environmental Resource Engineering. I am from Redlands, CA, and went to Redlands High. I am a skimboarder and a snowboarder, so I have a huge love for the environment. I am good with my hands (building things and such), and have a creative mind.

Interests in Engineering[edit | edit source]

  • Air Pollution
  • Water Quality
  • Grey water treatment

Experience in Engineering[edit | edit source]

  • I have no previous experience in engineering but hope to gain some at my time at Humboldt State.

Arcata Marsh Project[edit | edit source]

  Arcata Marsh

Environmental Engineering[edit | edit source]

ENGR Homepage

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About Me[edit source]

I am currently a student at Humboldt State university. My major is in Environmental Resource Engineering. My favorite site on Appropidia is Student-Powered Rec Center

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