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Ben Fliegler

About Me[edit]

Name: Ben Fliegler
I was born in Santa Ana and raised in Southern California. I am an environmental science major at Humboldt State University with an emphasis on energy and climate. I have always had an interest in nature and learning how things work. My interests in appropriate technologies are growing and learning how the world can implement better or unused technologies in today's society.I have a interest in making the world a better place by understanding how we as a world can improve our current social and corporate trends.

Interests in Appropriate Technology[edit]

  • Rainwater Catchment
  • Organic gardening/cultivation efficiencies
  • Solar energy

Experience in Appropriate Technology/Environmental Science[edit]

  • Rainwater Catchment installation (link) at the Old Fliegler's Farm (link)
  • Unofficial EIA project- Bear River Wind Project (link). My individual resource categories include the Noise and Greenhouse Gases sections.
  • Engineering 305 Appropriate Technology project- Building a Composter at Jefferson Community Center.

Favorite Appropedia Page(s)[edit]

  • [1] - On organic gardening, drip irrigation, and key hole beds.
  • [2] - It is about reducing industrial energy use for example by reducing the average driving distances.

Experience and Resources[edit]

  • Engineering 370 Class Project- Paper Towel Diversion Project Phase II (link) at Humboldt State University. I assisted in the development of a memorandum of understanding that was presented to the participants.
  • I have skills in the garden, and doing farm work. I would say I have a good work ethic. There is actually a lot of creative thinking that goes on on a farm, lots of little problems come up.
  • Interest in natural cultivation methods
  • Ecology Project-