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Biography[edit | edit source]

My multidisciplinary and international experience in the fields of Metallurgy, Welding, Micro/Nano fabrication, Semiconductors, Materials characterization, and Spectroscopy in Iran, France, Germany, and Switzerland resulted in obtaining three master of science degrees. Particularly enjoying troubleshooting and solving the technical concerns of clients and companies, and I would like to transfer my knowledge from research to production.

My journey to new countries and new environments has taught me to value learning about people and has given me the strength of character to handle tough situations and be persistent in reaching my goals. I am multilingual, easily integrate with new teams, trusted, and friendly person and communicate well with international experts to get precise answers to my questions.

I am an experimentalist, with a passion for science and technology, nanofabrication, working with characterization and spectroscopy tools, semiconductors, thin films and 2D materials, and in the cleanroom.

I am a quick learner with a thirst for knowledge and I am always keen to learn new skills, instruments and techniques.

I consider myself as a challenge-seeking, results-oriented, self-driven person who is adaptable to working in an international environment. I am able to prioritize my tasks, be flexible in changing environments, and focused to execute all my roles and duties successfully to meet or exceed all targets and objectives.

Academic Background[edit | edit source]

Double degree Erasmus FAME Student at: [edit | edit source]

EPFL Switzerland. May 2019 – Jan 2020[edit | edit source]

Master thesis, Chemical Engineering, and Chemistry department, Ultra-Fast Spectroscopy research group

“Surface Preparation of ZnO single Crystals for investigation by ARPES.”

Using ion bombardment and annealing at Ultra-high vacuum conditions, I provided a smooth surface on the Zn surface of ZnO whose cleanness was verified by LEED. Then by ARPES, and P/S polarized UV light I mapped out its electronic band structure. Also, I realized the concept of neutral, donor, and acceptor defects in metal oxide semiconductors. I made an animation to demonstrate in a simplified manner the functionality of ARPES, and I contacted international experts either in academia or industry e.g. in Japan, U.S.A to get the answers to my questions. I interpreted the obtained results by Igor pro software.

TU-Darmstadt, M.Sc. Germany. May 2018- April 2019[edit | edit source]

Functional Ceramics: Processing, Characterization, and Properties.

I did the second year of my master studies and I passed courses in the field of Surface sciences, and Characterization, Sensors, Memory devices, Ceramic materials, working with Focused-Ion Beam, and Cleanroom.

Grenoble-INP-PHELMA, M.Sc. France. Sep 2017-April 2018[edit | edit source]

Materials for Micro and Nano Technologies.

I did the first year of my master studies and I passed either practical and theoretical courses about materials characterization, Cleanroom, Semiconductor physics and photovoltaic materials.

Karaj Azad University, M.Eng. Iran. Feb. 2012- Jan. 2015[edit | edit source]

Materials Engineering - Identification and Selection of Engineering Materials.

“Improvement of Wear Resistance of LM13 as Cast Aluminum Alloy with High Silicon as Cast Aluminum Alloy Rods by Friction Surfacing Process.”

I used friction surfacing technique to improve the wear resistance of an Aluminum alloy LM13 via applying Al-25%Si coatings on which were employed the required wear tests. Using SEM, I investigated wear surfaces and determined wear mechanisms of two Aluminum alloys LM13 (Autombile’s Pistone) and Al-25% silicon. Also, EDX was used to study wear debris.

I obtained solid knowledge and experience about surface manipulation of metallic materials, solid state coatings, wear properties, diffusion, physical metallurgy of metallic materials, Non-Destructive Tests.

Karaj Azad University, B.Sc. Iran. Sep. 2006 – March 2011[edit | edit source]

Metallurgy and Materials Engineering- Industrial Metallurgy

“Investigation of Microstructure and Wear Resistance of Fe-Cr-C Hard Facing Alloys.”

I grasped knowledge regarding solidification of metallic materials, powder metallurgy. heat treatment and welding of Steel, Aluminum alloys, and Cast Irons.

Patent[edit | edit source]

  • Patented with the Office of Iran Intellectual Properties. Nov. 2013.

“Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) process by Hollow TIG electrode.”

Publications[edit | edit source]

  • Estiri, A., Sabet, H. & Farsi, M. “Determining of Mathematical Equation for Liquid Transition from Spherical to Spray Mode in GMAW” Journal of Iranian Welding and NDT, Autumn 2009, No. 58.
  • Khodabakhshi, A., Sabet, H. & Estiri.A. “Stud Welding (Classification, Properties, Principals and Applications)” Journal of IWNT, Summer 2012, No. 65.
  • Estiri, A. Chapters (5 to 7) Book “Repairing of Engineering Parts by Welding Methods”: Author: H. Sabet, 2014, Karaj, Iran, Amir Technical Office.

Presentations[edit | edit source]

  • Estiri, A., Sohi, M.H. & Sabet, H. “The Effect of Increasing of Linear Velocity on Thickness and Quality of Al-25% Si Coating Layer Deposited on LM13 Aluminum Alloy by Friction Surfacing Process”, 15th National Conference on Welding and Inspection & 4th National Conference on NDT, Chamran University, December 2014, Ahvaz, Iran (Oral Presentation).
  • Estiri, A., Sohi, M.H. & Sabet, H. “Investigation of Wear Properties of Al-25% Si Coating Layer Deposited on LM13 Aluminum Alloy by Friction Surfacing Process”, 15th National Conference on Welding and Inspection & 4th National Conference on NDT, Chamran University, December 2014, Ahvaz, Iran (Oral Presentation).
  • Sabet, H., Estiri, A. & Tazikeh, H. “Effect of Preheat Temperature on Weld Ability of the GGG40 Ductile Cast Iron by TIG Welding Process”, First International Conference on Welding and Nondestructive Testing, Azad University, February 2014, Karaj, Iran (Oral Presentation).
  • Estiri, A. & Sabet, H. “Investigation of Defects and Determining of Welding Quality of 316 Austenitic Stainless Steels by X-Ray”, 13th National Conference on Welding and Inspection & 2nd National Conference on NDT, Bahonar University, January 2012, Kerman, Iran.
  • Estiri, A., Kuchakzade, A., Sabet, H. & Mirzamohammad, N. “The Effect of Friction Surfacing Parameters on Depth of Penetration, Microstructure, Hardness and Profile of Deposited Coating Layer on Pure Aluminum,” 64th Annual Assembly & International Conference of the International Institute of Welding, July 2011, Chennai, India.
  • Estiri, A. & Sabet, H. “Improve Microstructure and Tensile Strength of Austenitic Stainless-Steel Weld Metal by Ultrasonic Waves,” 63rd Annual Assembly & International Conference of the International Institute of Welding, July 2010, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Estiri, A., Sabet, H. & Eghbal, R. “The Effect of Welding Parameters and Injection of Shield Gas on Mechanical Properties of FSW of Dissimilar CK60 to M2 Steels, 10th National Conference on welding and inspection, October 2009, Tehran, Iran. (Oral Presentation)

Work experience[edit | edit source]

  • Quality controller of components of electric bicycles May 2021- Present

Van Moof, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

I provide assurance that the quality of batteries and cartridges is to the required standards by verifying their performance for this fast-growing manufacturer of electric bicycles. I also deliver onboarding training to new colleagues.

  • Internship in Advanced Thin Film Technology Group. May 2018- Sep 2018

TU Darmstadt, Germany.

“Photolithography- Optimization of a Contact UV Mode Photolithography Procedure for Square Features of 6.0 to 1.5 μm.”

I, via photolithography, fabricated square features of 6.0 to 1.5µm using negative photoresists on the gold-sputtered sapphire substrate, and consequently growing thin films by MBE/PLD. I learned sample preparation steps for TEM by dual-beam FIB and the crucial conditions that should be imposed in the cleanroom to fabricate nanodevices. I worked with AFM in a practical course. I am familiar with the science of EELS, XPS, AES, UPS, STM, TEM, DLTS and I am still eager for learning other techniques, and tools.

  • Technical and Salesperson at R&D Department. Apr 2013- Jan 2014

AMA Industrial Group, Tehran, Iran.

Working for one of the major manufacturers of different welding products, I was responsible for troubleshooting clients’ welding problems, advising them how to use welding products, etc. via phone or visiting on-site. I assisted quality controllers of welded parts by performing NDT and mechanical tests and I also presented the company’s welding products at welding / metallurgical exhibitions.

  • Internship for Bachelor's degree. Jun 2009-Sep 2009

Razi Metallurgical Research Center, Tehran- Iran.

My responsibilities for this well-known research center, active in materials characterization and metallurgy, were: heat treatment and metallography of metallic materials, performing fatigue, elongation and creep tests at different temperatures, and reporting the results to the team leader for presentation to clients.

Instruments and Techniques[edit | edit source]

  • ARPES, LEED, SEM, AFM, UHV, Optical Microscopy, and FIB.
  • Cleanroom, Photolithography, MBE (materials growth).
  • Friction Surfacing.
  • Heat Treatment of Metallic Alloys.
  • Wear (Tribology), and Mechanical Tests.
  • Welding Processes of Metallic Alloys (Steel, Cast irons, Aluminum)

Awards[edit | edit source]

  • Master Scholarship of ISIC (Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering), 2019, School of Basic Science, EPFL.
  • Master Scholarship of Darmstadt University “ Leistungsorientierte Studienabschluss Förderung für internationale Studierende, 2019.
  • Ranked 4th in 6th National Competition of Heat treatment, Azad University, 2009, Shahre Majlesi, Isfahan, Iran.

Fields of research and interests[edit | edit source]

  • Micro/Nanofabrication e.g. CMOS, Sensors, Memory devices, etc.
  • Electronic, Photovoltaic, Phase change Materials, Semiconductor, Spintronic and Opto-electronic Materials.
  • Materials Characterization, Electron Microscopy, and Spectroscopy.
  • Surface Sciences/Interfaces.
  • Thin-film growth and 2D processes e.g. MBE, PLD, ALD etc.
  • Welding and Heat Treatment of Metallic Materials (Steel, Cast Iron, Aluminum alloys).

Languages[edit | edit source]

  • Persian (Native)
  • English
  • French
  • Dutch (Beginner)

Personal Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Creative and persistent to produce reliable results.
  • Patient.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Leading and thrive under pressure.
  • Adaptable to work in different environments.
  • Curious, and always eager for learning new concepts