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I'm Lauren Adabie

I am in my second year at Humboldt State University, working for a Environmental Resource Engineering Degree with a Specialty in Water Pollution, and a Chemistry degree as well. I love surfing, running half marathons, and striving to learn new and interesting things. I'm a half marathon runner, having completed 18 halfs. Ahora, estudio español y technologica apropedia en la repùblica dominicana.

Interests in Engineering[edit | edit source]

  • Working with Water Filtration
  • Spreading Clean Water through out the world
  • Solar Housing

Experience in Engineering[edit | edit source]

  • Destination Imagination- created a 13g wooden structure, which held over 100 lbs.
  • Influencing recycling in my school
  • Solar Housing Project
  • Samoa Hostel Can You Feel the Heat Loss Project

Portfolio[edit | edit source]

  • In Intro to Design, ENGR 215, I worked on Team SAUCee to create a Convective Heat Loss Model titled, Can You Feel the Heat Loss?. The following is the design document I worked on with my team. Can You Feel the Heat Loss
  • The following is Delphi matrix I constructed in excel for the above document. Delphi Matrix
  • This is the Gantt chart created for our project above. Gantt Chart
  • The following CAD I created in AutoCAD LT for the project Can You Feel the Heat Loss? of the front view of the convective heat loss model. CAD
  • This is a short memo just to submit a poster draft for my group from the above project. Memo
  • I created a web page for my Engineering 115 class about James B. Francis and the Francis Turbine.

Study Abroad: Dominican Republic[edit | edit source]

Teléfono en Santo Domingo: 809-749-0248

Dirección en Santo Domingo: Zona Collonial

Intereses en Tecnología Apropiada

  • Micro-hydro
  • Briquets

Experencia en Tecnología Apropiada

  • Convective Heat Loss Project