Me at Earthday 2007

I am a sophomore in the Environmental Resources Engineering program at Humboldt State University. I hope to focus in alternative energy or air quality.

I am originally from Oregon and love snowboarding, hiking, camping and many other outdoor activities here in the beautiful redwoods.

Sample Documents[edit | edit source]

For Engineering 215, my team and I designed a Bike Generator.

Here is a Gantt Chart my team made using project planning software.

This is a Sample Memo I wrote to turn in with a document.

Here is an Excel Sheet I made in Engineering 115 to analyze flow rates of Fern Lake.

This is a CAD Drawing I made for the bike generator project.

This is an Appropedia page I made in Engineering 115 about Potawot Basket Weaving and Pesticide Use.

This is another Appropedia page my group made about the Bike Generator Project called WaterPod Tour de Volts.