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Ana Lise Herrera,contact me with any questions you might have.

Mechanical Engineering Student at Queen's University[edit]

Hi, I'm Ana and am in fourth year in the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at [Queens University, Kingston], Canada. Like most other students my life plan and career path changes daily. Currently, my career goal is to work with, or maybe even as, an occupational therapist.


I am currently taking the following courses:

  • Mech425 Engineering for Sustainable Development
  • Mech480 Introduction to Aerospace Technology

Summary of strengths[edit]

Technical Skills[edit]

  • Competent at using software programs including MS Word, Ms Excel, Ms Power Point, Solid Edge(CAD design), Java, MATLAB and Maple.
  • Familiar with the following basic machining techniques: Milling, Welding, Cutting, Drilling, Bending, Turning and Grinding

Communication Skills[edit]

  • Good at technical writing having produced multiple technical reports and presentations throughout my school career and previous work experience.
  • Reports were concise and accurate and presentations delivered with clarity and confidence.

Teamwork Skills[edit]

  • Good at Leading: Delegating, managing and motivating. Also good at knowing when to let others take charge and be supportive of their decisions.
  • Organized: Punctual, time efficient and well prepared for meetings
  • Creative: I like to think outside of the box.