Hesperian Health Guides, formerly known as Hesperian Foundation, is a non-profit publisher of books and educational materials that help people take the lead in their own health care and organize to improve health conditions in their communities. Simply written, heavily illustrated, and developed in collaboration with groups around the world, their books contain a wealth of life-saving information on diagnosing and treating a broad range of health problems.

Their most famous publication is Donde No Ha Doctor or Where there is no Doctor.

All of their publications are available for free download from their website however they do not allow their publications to be posted on other sites. This is to to prevent out-of-date or altered editions of their publications from being circulated online,

Publications in English[edit | edit source]

Publications in Spanish[edit | edit source]

  • Donde no hay doctor
  • Donde no hay doctor para mujeres
  • Un libro para parteras
  • Un manual de salud para mujeres con discapacidad
  • Ayudar a los niños ciegos
  • Ayudar a los ninos sordos
  • Donde no hay dentista
  • Salud laboral en la maquila: Una guía para los trabajadores
  • Cómo prevenir el CÓLERA
  • Saneamiento y limpieza para un ambiente sano
  • Agua para vivir Cómo proteger el agua comunitaria
  • Los plaguicidas son veneno
  • ¡Saludos!

Publications in French[edit | edit source]

  • Assainissement et propreté pour un environnement sain
  • De l'eau pour la vie La garantie de la sécurité de l'eau pour les communautés
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