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Caterpillar tracks & suspension[edit]

--> Can be based on SuperDroid Dr. Rover or DF Robotshop Rover/Tamiya caterpillar tracks (simpler than ). See Wheels may be added (upto 5: see M113 APC: , , ) For the 3D model, the track model at could possibly also be used. However, the tread should not be made of metal links, rather a rubber belt should be used; Kégresse tracks they are called I think, see ,and and

For the suspension; this can either be based on the T34 or T55 /M113. The first uses a Christie supension, see , ) The latter uses torsion bars, see , M113 torsion bar suspension system, Another possibility is by combining several idlers and using a single (long) shock absorber for these, see However, this method would not allow much sideways movement. For the suspension part of the 3D model, see or contact a RC tank manufacturer as Hooben; see


If possible, use a shape comparable to


Either the method of attachment of tools of regular traction engines is used, or the newer "three point hith" method can be used, see


Design still ongoing, if using 2 engines, the OSMC may be upscaled and used, see

contact: Sonny Lloyd – & Don Jennings -

Relook Iliya's tracked vehicle control page