Caterpillar tracks & suspension[edit source]

--> Can be based on SuperDroid Dr. Rover or DF Robotshop Rover/Tamiya caterpillar tracks (simpler than ). See Wheels may be added (upto 5: see M113 APC: , , ) For the 3D model, the track model at could possibly also be used. However, the tread should not be made of metal links, rather a rubber belt should be used; Kégresse tracks they are called I think, see ,and and

For the suspension; this can either be based on the T34 or T55 /M113. The first uses a Christie supension, see , ) The latter uses torsion bars, see , M113 torsion bar suspension system, Another possibility is by combining several idlers and using a single (long) shock absorber for these, see However, this method would not allow much sideways movement. For the suspension part of the 3D model, see or contact a RC tank manufacturer as Hooben; see

Design[edit source]

If possible, use a shape comparable to

Tools[edit source]

Either the method of attachment of tools of regular traction engines is used, or the newer "three point hith" method can be used, see

Turning[edit source]

Design still ongoing, if using 2 engines, the OSMC may be upscaled and used, see

contact: Sonny Lloyd – & Don Jennings -

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