I hope this is the right place to leave notes regarding content. I hit DISCUSSION, and the head says it is the chapter I am commenting on.

Somehow this psychological analysis does not ring true or seems strained. I recall WHEN SOCIETY BECOMES AN ADDICT, 12 step programs, and even earlier, Eric Fromm books, such as ESCAPE FROM FREEDOM, or TO HAVE OR HAVE NOT. Eric Hoffer books are great in regards to the collective mind.

Clearly, the addiction dilemma is rooted firmly in the remnants and rubble of patriarchal authoritarian models with its accompanying denial and trauma. But, personal addiction is in the mirror, not at the polar ice caps. Making such crossover analysis into social history is not so easy. If they do not care what they see in the mirror, they certainly do not give a damn about tundra. Addicts are people with serious personality disorders who are self medicating. If you replaced their gasoline with a renewable fuel they would still care less. They certainly provide a hideous distraction and vampire suck for the rest of us.

I have been an activist as far back as Vietnam. Having to suffer the Reagan and Bush eras was intolerable. During those times I found myself delving into social psychology and social history readings. The problem stems from the fact that people are so distracted by their own dysfunctional lives, or the dysfunctional lives of others, that they simply only have time for the immediate, and the immediate is only as good as its holistic priorities and solutions - which is usually zilch. The sad truth is that people generally live with so many lies in their own lives - in order to maintain their security and status quo - they could care less about any truth outside their realms, unless it is an outlet to expel their hatred and bigotry. Sadly, these people become saboteurs in their own lives and the lives of others. Even if there was good options available, they would not chose them

There is one place where a comparison might work: The place were addicts are said to hit the bottom of their barrel - the point where they might begin to recover. Yet, some just simply rot and die. Because this is a movement that is more inclined to engage people on a neighborhood level, it might also provide some of the 12 steps necessary for recovery.

This is not a new movement. The local self reliance Small Is Beautiful movement of the 70s, with Carter telling us that getting off oil was the moral equivalent to war - and watch out! Here comes the MALAISE ... and THE CULTURE OF NARCISSISM, etc. Andrea Dworkin had her own very harsh analysis why we so swiftly moved back into McCarthyism after the Vietnam war, as mostly men insured Reagan was voted into the Presidency.

I have looked and I could not find a chapter on TIMING. This is all about TIMING, because 100s of times people have tried to launch this since the 70s, and it has NOT all been about negativism, packaging, or environmentalism's doom and gloom. We had MAKING OF A COUNTER CULTURE advocate Ted Roszak, we had WHOLE EARTH CATALOGS, solar panels, etc. Anyway, what could be more negative than so many years with Reagan and Bush.

TIMING. A convergence, too, with the Timing. Recently I saw two docudramas that profoundly demonstrate the unpredictability of timing. IRONED JAWED ANGELS and AMAZING GRACE. There is a familiar thread through both stories. War played prominently in regards to their success or failure. then, if you want to see UNLUCKY timing of the other kind, watch ROMERO or THE MISSION. --—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Sandi

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