RE - COG SYMBOL: the community is not using this symbol. sunbeam city and eco-anarchists are. we are not all on sunbeam, and we certainly are not all eco-anarchists. I'd appreciate it if this symbol was not pushed as the main solarpunk symbol. I and many others do not like it, and cog imagery IS tied to steampunk regardless of whether this particular icon reminds you of steampunk. If this is going to be an issue, we just won't have an image of any kind of (un)official symbol. the reason I chose a clip art as a basic solarpunk symbol, was that it allows people a foundation from which to create their own imagery without pushing a singular symbol as "the solarpunk one". DrZekker 19/22/2

This doesn't push a singular symbol either. It's not an anarchist symbol at all, its a solarpunk one. Nor is it owned by sunbeam, I didn't say everyone is using it, but since theres no central solarpunk authority who decides I think it's reasonable to use something that solarpunks have made for ourselves and have been spreading. A portion of the solarpunk community is using this. No one is using the other one except this web page. I'm not sure why you think you're an authority on what counts as sufficiently neutral enough of an image. Source on "many others do not like it" ? Rekh127 (talk) 16:46, 22 February 2019 (PST)

If there's no central authority then why use an image that is only used within sunbeam? The image we had up is used for the subreddit and the discord, it's not "no one". I don't have an authority on what image is sufficient, but neither do you have the authority to push for using an image that only a small section of solarpunks use. I have never seen the cog symbol outside of sunbeam and the solarpunkactionweek blog. people on sunbeam, tumblr, the discord, and subreddit have varying opinions on the cog symbol; some do not like it, and I really don't prefer its focus on eco-anarchism since solarpunk is a synthesis of leftist thought. If we're going to put a symbol up, we can do a checkerboard and place designed/suggested flags up. DrZekker 19/22/2

I don't know where its used on the subreddit but good to know about your discord! (Though I wouldn't call it "the" discord). It doesn't have a focus on eco-anarchism, using the colors green and black doesn't have to be anarchist. I think everyone has authority to add things to the wiki. You're acting like only what you/planty add is valid. But if we don't want a top image that not everyone can agree on thats fine. We should start a gallery at the bottom of the page or something :) Rekh127 (talk) 17:46, 22 February 2019 (PST) (p.s. adding four tildes will auto sign your remarks)

Hi DrZekker and Rekh127. Thanks again for your edits. I was glad to see this article has really taken off! I'm not well-informed about this issue, but I'm sure we can reach a satisfactory compromise. My impression is that there may be a few proposed symbols out there, but no one in particular that the movement has coalesced around, so perhaps we could include several of them. Thanks --Ethan (talk) 18:13, 22 February 2019 (PST)