Peer Review

The page is fairly good. Definitely in need of proof reading and rewording of a couple sentences. I'll go through it heading by heading.

-Reword it and add a coule more sentences to make it flow better

Gas Turbine Cycles
-Explain or provide a link to describe a T-S diagram. Also make a diagram of one for a Brayton cycle
-State here that it is material properties of the blade that are the limiting factors of inlet temperature

Nickel Based Superalloy:
-Should be contain not contains
-State the temperature that the most common superalloy can withstand up to

Manufacturing Process and Crystal Growth:
-Try reword most of the paragraph
-Get a bigger resolution picture of Figure 2 because i can't tel what the picture is showing

Crystal Growth in Bridgman Furnace:
-Explain or provide a link to the meaning of dendrite and constitutional supercooling
-Provide a picture of the spiral tube part. I think I understand the concept but a picture would make it much clearer

-rapid is mispelled
-What is the Al2O3 coated with?

-Put it earlier on on the page. It clarifies a lot of questions I had while reading the page earlier

General Comments:
-More references if you can find them
-Include a picture of a turbine blade
-Maybe include a disadvantages section
-Talk about the lifespan of blades
-Talk about energy use to create blades

The page is fairly good it just needs to be proofread and have a little more info added. Maybe try to find more specific information on energy efficiency.

expand section 5[edit source]

--Joshua 13:50, 20 November 2009 (UTC)

Note: I was unable to get permission in time for a lot of the pictures I wanted to use. I will work to find pictures later to improve the page.