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Talk:Practivistas solar 2015

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General Criticism[edit]

Some notes we took while reading your page: Fix budget (the totals aren't functioning correctly)

 Clean up the rubrics inside of the content
 Start Instructions
 Any mentions of the classes?

7-4-15 We made some edits: added laura's name removed grading criteria left in sections, make sure to get all of those made you guys a lit review page: Practivistas solar 2015/lit review, we just copy&pasted, so you need to go in and make it look better


Please look at the Ghetto2Garden and the La Yuca page as well. We updated both of those pages.


Everything you have so far looks really good, I assume you'll put more in. You should definitely consider moving your lit review to a different page and linking it instead. When you start to write about your classes I think it would be a cool idea to maybe link PDF's of the worksheets you gave them, so that people looking for solar worksheets in spanish can find them. In the troubleshooting sections you can write about what ideas were the hardest to convey.