Literature Review Comments[edit source]

Hi Microhydro team,

Great work. The literature needs some proofing and more journal references.

Here are some other comments on the literature review:

  • First paragraph: Energy is not created, it is transferred from one type to another. Very small microhydro often generates *DC and is inverted to AC. (check)
  • settling tank is missing citation (check)
  • doesn't appear to be the most legitimate of sources (check)
  • The cultural considerations section is excellently formatted in parts, try to put other sections in a similar format.
  • Maybe provide more explicit info regarding negative parts of large and small scale hydropower.
  • what are local alternatives to power production? coal? large hydro? (check, though we might need more local data)

Suggested topics:

  • maintenance/lifecycle costs (check)
  • mechanical power applications (check)
  • Local river data
  • Central america examples (check)

Your images must have sources listed. Edit the page of the image itself and say what the source is and what rights to share it has (for example Creative Commons - Share Alike and By Attribution). Feel free to tell me to delete some of the images that are not appropriate and you can just link to them. I made changes on the mainpage as well. You can use the history tab and compare changes to see the changes.

Thank you, --Lonny 21:09, 18 July 2010 (UTC)

Project Description/Objective Feedback[edit source]

Good job, I like the basic tone of your writing.

  • The objective statement seems very broad i.e. to complete what you are proposing is a serious undertaking, is your scope of work really this large? It may be, if so disregard this comment.
  • First paragraph: "we will select the most appropriate locations" based on what? New sentence for designing systems suitable for the conditions.... Last sentence "The execution of this project...will be handled by another party.." is very awkward needs to be rewritten, what specifically will be executed by another party? the construction? the design? (check)
  • provide caption on black box diagram, delete sentence right before it "The diagram below...." (check)
  • wording in black box model is somewhat awkward. (check)
  • Background section needs references for all assertations (this is very important!) (check)
  • rewrite first sentence in background, doesnt flow well. (check)
  • rewrite second sentence in background, doesn't flow well. (check)
  • Final two sentences in background section are a bit out of place. maybe this info can be better incorporated.
  • awkward "the environment of river systems" (check)
  • Read writing out loud to help catch poorly structured sentences.

-References! very important!

  • In background, is microhydro found in chiapas currently or is this an alien idea to locals?

--Jeff Hinton 00:31, 19 July 2010 (UTC)

General comments on the page[edit source]

HSU Chiapas Micro Hydro Feasibility
• In the introduction the team members, HSU and the program should be introduced (check)
• In the intro- the state of the world…? Funny!
• The background could include a more succinct list of reasons why microhydro works
• In the literature Review, some of the sentences seem like run-ons, maybe try altering the sentence structure.
• In the lit review, maybe try to find a diagram or schematic of a microhydro system. The video accomplishes this but in certain regions with little internet connection, videos may not load. (check)
• The pros and cons would be a lot easier to interpret if it was in a table. Check the “help” page to see how to create a table (check)
• In the climate section, try to put the big images into thumbnails, I did the first one so you can copy the format for the others. (check)
• For the criteria, try to put the criteria in an affirmative style. For example, for Aesthetics, “Meets cultural needs” (check)
• Try to fill in the references section a bit. There are a bunch of refs in the lit review section, good job with the external links…
• Lookin great folks! Keep plugging away on the appropedia page, it’s a lot easier to make a few edits as you go instead of a marathon at the end…

--Rok duncan 01:40, 24 July 2010 (UTC)