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Hi, I am here to peer-edit and review this page.

In General, I would first like to say that the wording and phrasing cause the page to be read as unproffessional. There are many colloquialisms, and vague language. As well, I feel as though the information is only skimming the surface of the issues, and that many of the concepts could be looked at in greater detail. I will go through my initial perceptions of the individual sections, but I also feel as though you have not given a good expression of the advances in Polymer Calendering that have been made, or that could be made to improve the efficiency or the process in general. You look briefly at how the quicker speeds cause problems, but how could that be overcome, or is there a better way to make it more energy efficient? I understand that you may have more sections that are simply not up yet, so I am sure that they will contain more information.

For the sections here:
-the last few sentences are unclear
-why did it not become popular when used in rubber?, why was the roller gap hard to control?,
-the final sentence is ambiguous, as well I have seen alot of etc. used, this does not seem professional (instead just say, "for example").

-WHy is calendering commonly used for PVC, why PVC?
-2nd to last sentence need rewording,and there are spelling mistakes and missed words in the middle.
-is it not easy for extruding to change the specs?

-misspelled guage? or not, I am not sure.
-why do these defects form, what are the processes that causes these?
-is the last sentence necessary?

Material Specs:
-last 2 sentences are ambiguous and poorly worded
-are there any examples of materials that were thought to work but didn't? any that should never be used?

-obviosly in need of information, any diagrams to be seen?
-right angles in what change of direction? up and down, curving to the right?

-1st sentences is clunky, and you should make it more clear that the list is the list of assumptions
-the description beneath the velocity equation needs work and variables
-how is the fluid producing the force? friction? compression?
-are there any more physical principles behind it, or is that it?

Temperature effects:
-watch those first sentences, and really the whole paragraph should be edited
-why dont the polymers conduct heat well?
-any thermodynamic equations that could be used here?

Output effieciency:
-the writing of the 0.1-2 is unclear whether it actually means to 2m or 0.2m.
-what do separation forces do?
-Limits? to what, what are they, how can they be overcome?

Keep up the good work. I know it can improve and be an amazing page.

quantify efficiency in materials or energy????[edit source]

--Joshua 13:38, 20 November 2009 (UTC)