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You might also consider making the argument that open source is a superior method to develop technology and solve problems - e.g. more people collaborating provides a better solution - whether more traditional AT or high-tech goodies like nanotechnology. We have done a bit of work in this area - see: Cheers -- Joshua 08:34, 6 August 2013 (PDT)

Thanks @Joshua.

Marina wants to know, "is there an objective good in cultures the way they are?"

This piece needs to address the point that the patriarchy isn't intrinsically good just because it is a part of traditional culture. Add in the bit about the Yir Yoront's dreaming culture. Hundreds or maybe even thousands of years of cultural knowledge about dreaming was lost practically overnight.

Jakes iPad argument:

long ago computers were great big things that you had to put a lot of stuff into them to get a little bit out.

then they got better. some punch cards and programs and you can get a little more information out.

1980's computers are about balance. word processors, keyboard. quality of information is better. useful tool

THEN in the 90's there was the mouse. easier to enter and select. beginning of the end computer = tv set that we use as a remote control.

apple deleted the keyboard. "other people will do the content creation, all you do is choose the channel you want to watch."

The iPad is just for consuming. one directional flow of content.