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Another great addition from Demotech[edit]

Hi Anna,

Thank you for another great addition. I changed tension to voltage (see Electricity for more about current and voltage). I would love to see the schematic for this design. If you need help making one, please ask here and I am sure that some one will draw it for you with your guidance (for instance the batteries must be in parallel, so as to not over voltage the LED's, and some size resistor must be used as well). Again, thank you for this low cost solution to large problem, I really appreciate the elegance in simplicity, especially with the added bonus of reduced insect attraction. --Lonny 12:34, 4 November 2006 (PST)

Tech spec[edit]

Don't know what the DC-DC converter is doing. I suggest using four NiMH or similar batteries in series, which will give you about 5 volts, which is about right for most LEDs. DC-DC converter would probably create heat more than convert voltage. By NC I think you meand nickel cadmium. There are less toxic and easier-to-recycle batteries available I think.