Hey, all:

I added the following text to improve what I feel is not the best definition:

"More explicitly, "net metering" means that a unit of electricity in from the utility is the same as that which the consumer produces, i.e, the meter goes forward or backward at the same rate under the force of the same unit of electricity, regardless of the direction." It probably needs some formatting, but since I am new here, I don't have that skill.

I did not continue since it is somewhat a separate topic, one that is needed. To spur more improvement I would elaborate, and I suggest an added entry, or at least more information in "Net Metering". "Net Metering" deals with electricity, and is distinct from what should be recognized as "net pay", which should be defined as equal pay for equal units of electricity. At least in the state of Texas USA, we have "net metering", BUT the utilities are allowed by law to pay less for consumer-generated electricity than for their own, violating the net pay principle, which certainly 'tilts' the field in favor of the utilities, adding to the suite of disincentives present in Texas. If only "net metering" is recognized, the inequality of "net pay" continues unredressed.

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