I think that your page is pretty well put together with information that is useful. I would change the opening of the reasons for the product section because it is a little confusing and the entire section could be more concise. I don’t like how the chart with the R values is right next to the impact section. I would turn the advantages and disadvantages section into a table and work on making the in text word links to other pages look right.

Peer review[edit source]

  • Good writing throughout the site. Each section is clear and concise and has a good, natural flow and great information.
  • Nice pictures, and the figures with the map and explanations of R-values looks great. The layout of this part is a bit awkward because it creates a small column of text on the right side of the maps. It may look a bit nicer if the “Impacts” section began below the big map.
  • The table is okay, but may look cleaner with some formatting in the cells, such as capitalizing the first letter in the sentence fragments, or using bullet points.
  • There are a few minor errors throughout but they are not detrimental to the overall content of the webpage.
  • Nice references section.
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