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Here is the background material on the RepRap Prusa version we are building: Software Marlin firmware: Slic3r Printrun/pronterface

Teach yourself OpenSCAD: and manual

Place to find cool things to print:

The RecycleBot: and the best ideas from the Lyman and the Filabot

If you're brand new to Arduino-esque mini controllers, here are some great tutorials (adafruit sells fantastic kits at good prices, too):

Panel for making a RAMPS-based printer stand-alone:

This is stupidly long, but catalogs a smartly done conversion of a low cost vertical mill to CNC:

If you really want to open source something:

Another OSH laser cutter and CNC odds 'n ends along with a neat web-based gcode viewer that might serve nicely in a web-based 3D print server:

How to turn a couple old DVD writers into a mini laser cutter: