Talk:Life cycle assessment of food

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1) Good doc "bones"layout and ideas. The figures are great and cool to look at.

2) Add more content in the doc and comments about the figures. Highlight the important info from the figures. For example, Fig-4 can be more explained. There is a lot of good info there.

3) Really easy to navigate. Maybe keep all the figs in the section they belong.

4) The sections aren’t bold but the subsections are? This makes it consuming to where and what the relevant info is. I would reverse the order.

5) The first paragraph. Switch he order of the sentences and place the objective first and describe the lifecycle next.

6) Not all the figures are referenced. There are some figs that are not relevant and are just pretty pictures, example Fig-1. Again, refer to the tables and figs more and have more descriptive captions.

7) References look good!

8) Tables as text look good!

9) Would add more content to all the sections. A little drafty.

10) Discuss the importance and ask “why?” for each section. Especially, the “Follow the Food” section. Why do should care about the distance the food travels?. Off to a great start anyways.