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- Well written, not many grammatical or spelling errors found.
- Laid out well with description of process first and how to optimize them after.
- Good explanation of issues with the individual mechanisms and how the combined feeding system improves the efficiency of the process.
- Good explanation of how sensors improve the quality and efficiency of laser cladding.
- Equations and there are implications are well explained.

The following are suggestions to help improve the article.
- No references listed or embedded within the article.
- Formating: Have the table of contents at the very top of the page.
- It could help the reader understand the article better if a definition of several key terms, such as laser, substrate, CCD are given, using wikipedia link or defined yourself.
- The wire feed method description is a little vague and difficult to fully understand the process.
- Images would help to explain the feeding mechanisms, its hard to visualize what you are saying.
- Include captions or labels on the equations, you refer to equation numbers in the writing but there is no labels on the equations.
- If possible, maybe talk about the solidification taking place after the melt that and how the - Possibly include a conclusion summing up how the method is advantageous over the other cladding methods and how the particular methods improve the efficiency of the process.

Peer review completed by D.Iacovetta 00:51, 19 November 2009 (UTC)

refs? applications with numbers?[edit]

--Joshua 13:34, 20 November 2009 (UTC)