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Initial feedback[edit source]

Hi Team,

I renamed your page to Jefferson Community Center native landscaping 2017 as per the naming convention. Sorry the Moodle instructions were unclear.

Please keep your tense consistent. I suggest using present tense. Please use some images to better describe the background. I made a few small changes, such as internally linking one team member, please do that for the other team members as well.

Also, it is definitely understood that your team's project scope may change significantly over the next week or two.

Thanks, --Lonny (talk) 16:20, 24 January 2017 (PST)


This is a good start but needs some editing and additions. The first few paragraphs especially should be free of grammatical and spelling errors. This is the first impression your reader gets of you and you want it to be good. Please re-read your first few paragraphs out loud and check for errors or strange wording. Your writing needs to be professional! Your background section is a bit strange to read, you wait a long time to introduce the project.

All topics need at least a sentence or two before entering subtopics.

You need some more content. Maybe add some information on climate or what plants are native to here. Also, you should have a client section and information on what is there now.

You should have some pictures.

Good start.

Rebecca Stark (grader)

Criteria[edit source]

Hello Team, Your criteria needs some work. You have quite a few grammar and spelling errors. You need to re-read your work or have someone else read it before you submitted it. Also be sure to stay professional. Your constraints should also state whether more or less is better, for example for cost less is better.

Rebecca Stark (grader)

Optional Draft Feedback[edit source]

Hello, Team,

It looks like you are working hard but have a lot to go. You are missing sections (abstract, operation, maintenance, testing). Read through your writing, check your language, be sure to only use professional language avoid things like "amazing" or first person "our, us, we". It helps it sound more professional by distancing yourselves. Move your lit review to right after your criteria. Check you Lit review to be sure every section has a source. Avoid your opinion in the lit review. Re-word your problem statement, a lot of repeating. The construction pictures are a bit small. In general more pictures is better. Keep working hard.

Rebecca Stark (grader)