Single cilinder IC engines[edit source]

I'm wondering whether that the conversion of a single cilinder engine would be any different than with a IC engine with several cilinders ? See

Also, I'm wondering whether the 1-stroke engine is useful for AT purposes ( ) It might be more durable from what I can tell, dough not more efficient.

HHO production[edit source]

a simple article with schematics (perhaps you can make one based on my ) and parts list (+ price) would be simpler. At the moment, there are also allot of devices to make both hydrogen, oxyhydrogen, ... A single, simple method to make the emissionless fuel is advisable, ideally using a technique that uses as little as possible ingredients (ie baking soda too needs to be made, see Perhaps you can make an article lining up the differences between the various techniques (see links at appropedia articles, and ; perhaps that the hydroxy scooter method is one of the best methods, but a good article should be made)