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Here is a table version for stores... seems less accessible for editing by all due to the table format. Plus as Gabe stated: The table isn't any easier to read, especially with no added sorting ability (spreadsheet style).

Name Address Phone Description
The Koop 829 10th St. Arcata (707) 822-5410 Great used electronics, motors, wires, power supplies, etc.
Arcata Scrap 192 South G St. Arcata (707) 822-4881 Excellent metal yard
Solutions 1063 H St. Arcata (707) 822-6972 New environmental stuff, fibers, paints, books, etc.
Arcata Recyling Center 1380 9th St. Arcata (707) 822-4542 Used nuts, bolts, wires,
John`s Auto Wreckers 3008 Jacobs Ave. Between Eureka and Arcata (707) 443-7065 Used alternators, regulators check out
Boneyard Computers 5th and A St. Eureka (707) 476-0221 Used computers and electronics, such as motors and fans
Eureka Sand & Gravel 4945 Boyd Road, Blue Lake (707) 822-1795 Like the name says - sand and gravel