Notes for Improvement[edit source]

General Notes[edit source]

Abstract[edit source]

  • Needs more - expand as your project progesses
  • Don't include any new information here that is not mentioned elsewhere in your page. The abstract is a summary of your page.

Background[edit source]

  • Needs way more information... expand on who/what/when/where/why
  • Talk to Gregorio about this project for some more content

Problem Statement[edit source]

  • Ok start...objective is more than to just "recreate" more specific

Criteria[edit source]

  • Use a sortable table.
  • ex:
Run # Temperature (°F) Humidity (%)
1 78 42
2 76 55
3 74 41

Literature Review[edit source]

  • Expand
  • Fill in weather, eco-block procedure, and add a little about testing blocks

Budget[edit source]


Timeline[edit source]

  • Provide an introduction
  • Turn this section into a table. Click the edit tab to copy and paste the following table into your timeline section and replace with your own words.
Task Date Proposed Date Completed
Complete literature review 06/06/14 06/07/14
Establish site location 06/06/14 06/13/14
Start digging foundation 06/06/14 06/14/14
Design destacamento 06/13/14 06/15/14
Finish budget 06/13/14 06/15/14
Locate supplies 06/13/14 06/15/14
Purchase supplies 06/15/14 06/20/14
Finish digging foundation 06/20/14 06/20/14
Level ground 06/20/14 06/21/14
Tamp ground 06/20/14
Finish tying rebar 06/22/14 06/24/14
Dig bathroom hole 06/21/14
Reinforce bathroom hole 06/21/14
Pour concrete for foundation 06/21/14 06/24/14
Lay brick 06/22/14 07/5/14
Finish foundation 06/23/14 07/5/14
Create platform 06/24/14
Install pillars 06/25/14
Install roof 06/25/14
Lay bricks for walls 06/25/14 07/05/14

Prototypes[edit source]

  • I created this tab for you as it seems more appropriate than "construction" you could use "final designs" or something like that instead
  • I moved the table with your recipe here... it's a great way to show what went into each of your prototypes
  • Include images

Test Results[edit source]

  • Add information and results about your testing process and results
  • Tables comparing weight, cost, carbon and strength

Conclusions[edit source]


Team[edit source]