Hello - I am a student in a copyediting course through a college extension program. We are learning to edit wikis, and I would like to offer the following suggestions (I've underlined my additions and marked my deletions with a strikethrough):

  • In first sentence, consider rewriting it as: A substitute for water purification plants and pipelines, or trucked-in water, achieved with: solar water pasteurization. (would piping be more accurate than pipeline? I'm not sure)
  • In third sentence, consider rewriting as: Primary use of the cooker is to heater water to 160+F for the full day to as a means of sterilizing both it (and the container).
  • In fourth sentence, consider rewriting as: Remaining issues, around primarily involving reliable indicators that the water has been fully treated, are being worked on by a variety of groups.
  • Also, it looks like the term "reflective insulation boards" is not yet tagged as a keyword/hyperkink. Do you think it's worth starting a new wiki for it? I bring it up because I've also seen the term referred to on the Burning Man article on Appropedia.

Well those are my minor suggested edits, mainly to help improve clarity without affecting content. Hope it is of aid. - Kurt