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Talk:Heart stents

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Peer-Edit Comments[edit]

Well written paper providing sufficient background on the theory one needs to know about the cardiovascular system to find out more about drug-eluting stents. The only comment on structure:

  • Under the 'Choice of Metallic Base' > '316L Stainless' section, you mention Rockwell Hardness of 95. Any idea which RH number this is, or what test was used to achieve it? They can differ slightly. Check out Rockwell scaleW for more info?

Some suggestions for further research:

  • Are there other manufacturing methods, other than grain size manipulation and lasers?
  • How long can a stent remain in a patient? Once the drugs have diffused entirely out of the polymer, does the stent need to be replaced?
  • Is there a way to 'slowly' introduce the stent to the body by weaning the pateint off the drugs?
  • Could a second (or third) layer of biocompatible polymer be depositied on the base metallic layer to improve biocompatibility when the drugs are done?

I look forward to reading the final draft. Keep up the great work.

Good suggestions - Sharon