Some suggestions:

  • I put the page in a few categories, you might want to put it in more if it fits
  • Some sites where you could add a link to your page:

  • Cite using the <ref> code, I did the MLS reference for you, if you want to use the same reference again just type <ref name=MLS/> so you don't have to type the whole thing again, this way they automatically show in your references section
  • Linking to wikipedia, wiktionary, and other sites will help readers who don't know some of the basic concepts, I did a few so you have the code
  • It would be good to add some images
  • In many sections you use both bullets and dashes, bullets on their own look better
  • Instead of using bold and italics you can add subsections like this:

==Section== Gives you:

Section[edit source]

===Sub Section=== Gives you:

Sub Section[edit source]

====Sub Sub Section==== Gives you:

Sub Sub Section[edit source]