Overview[edit source]

The gravity-fed irrigation project is a local project being worked on by young refugees to support nutrition, especially for the needy. The gravity-fed irrigation kit solves the challenge of water harvesting, storage, and watering of basic crops in the period of unreliable rainfall to grow vegetables throughout the year.

Locally available materials will be used to reduce the cost of production and work will be done by a group of youth to share skills and teach others to know the making process. It is an idea to be practically worked at YEF UGANDA maker space on by the young refugees in the Pagirinya Refugee settlement in Northern Uganda, Africa.

 Our goal is to make this project efficient, and reproducible to support a big number of the refugee community in East Africa. This project is implemented under the critical making mentoring program 2022, by Global Innovation Gathering

Materials Required[edit source]

The Materials required include the following:

  • Water reservoir
  • Timer and filter
  • Valves and driplines
  • Emitters
  • PVC pipes
  • Elevator stand
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