Appropedia Page:

Your appropedia page looks good. We just made only a few changes, however, you should include references, especially when quoting efficiencies and power consumption values.

We also recommend making the ECM files easier to locate on the webpage. Surround the link for the ECM files using the following format:

<big>link to ECM</big>

This will increase the font size without adding it to the table of contents. Did not do font change ourselves, since this just a recommendation.

Monitors ECM:

  • Within your Monitor ECM you used $0.1568/kWh. Looking at your reference, Utilities Kingston, the values up to only $0.108/kWh for commercial. Is there something we missed?
  • If you made the input page a little clearer that would make it easier. For example,  power consumption should just state that it is for the current set-up.
  • Instead of suggesting default, perhaps as default include these numbers in the associated box. You could also include a note indicating 'these are default settings, change only if necessary'. This might help make the input page a little bit clearer.
  • You might want to reconsider the amount of information presented in the executive summary. Including the maximum IRR monitors is a good idea, however it may be reasonable to remove these graphs. They do not seem to assist in understanding the information since the accumulation is so linear. It may be better to reorganize the executive summary so that the maximum IRRs can be easily found for each monitor size. It would also be interesting to see the maximum CO2 saving monitors.. 
  • The manufacturer and model number are both included twice.. not sure if this was intentional.
  • Would be a good idea to shift the "Available at" column to right end of the table so that the entire html link can be easily viewed, without disrupting any other information on the spreadsheet
  • Since your "Projected Savings" sheet is so large it would be useful to provide some more guidance to the user. At the top you could include "Cumulative cash flows for max IRR monitors can be found lower on this sheet". At the lower part of the page you may also want to highlight the IRR and CO2 savings.. bold or different colors. 
  • Assumptions are really well organized!

Laptop ECM:

  • The Input page is very clear! Specifically the links provided for determining the numbers. Consider using this system in all ECMs
  • Great organization of the workbook. Well laid out and easy to navigate

A few thoughts:
It does not appear that a battery replacement has been included for the laptops. I am not sure where to find a good reference, but I expect that if you are using a laptop for a business the battery would have to be replaced every 2-3years and this would cost between $50-100. This will likely have a significant impact on your IRR.

Also, if a business is considering replacing a significant number of outdated desktop computers, they should be able to write-off the business expense against other income, while simultaneously benefiting from the energy savings. If you don't have time to try and account for the reduction in the capital expenditure through depreciation (which I think you can find an example of on the SWITCH PV excel file) you may want to include this as an added benefit in your intro and just clearly state that it will not be included in the analysis.Nate Preston 18:58, 11 February 2010 (UTC)

Power Supply ECM:

  • In your executive summary, under "Overview" you should incorporate the numbers to update within the text rather than using different cells for each number. It would look much more fluid.
  • Definitely highlight the break-even point
  • It appears that you have incorporated the inflation rate for rising electricity prices... the numbers however in the "Projected Savings" tab do not seem to update - the price of electricity is the same for all 8 years!
  • Really clean method of including variable letters

Overall ECMs:

Since the ECM's are all part of one page on Appropedia, it would be nice if they had a shared consistency. Understandably this is hard to do, but perhaps a constant color scheme across all three ECM's would be easy to change.

DONE BY GROUP (Linear Flourescent Retrofit (Upgrading to T8 from T12)

Laptop ECM - Monitor Consideration?

Hi, I am using this ECM for my green energy audit. Overall I think it is really good, but I just thought I would note one suggestion:

When replacing your desktop with a laptop, you are also removing the need for a separate monitor. This substantially increases the energy savings (ie. an additional 25W saved if currently using an Energy Star monitor, or 40 watts for a conventional LCD monitor) and as such will substantially increase IRR. I simply added the power consumption of the monitor to that of the desktop but maybe in future versions, there should be a specific location for enery saved by replacing the monitor or a note to that effect. It certainly makes the economics look even better!

Cheers --CB 19:43, 14 March 2010 (UTC)