Good stuff! Couple of policy questions came to mind for me.

  1. How to handle first person? Seems a little funny if author is ambiguous, but doesn't bother me if author is clear. (The content from Ole Ersson's site will probably be in first person singular or plural, and I'm not inclined to change it.) If we take the authoring approach, what would the signing policy be?
  2. Should we include metric measures for the "English unit" measures (inches, feet, gallons)?

These questions probably belong on the Appropedia:Policy discussion page, but placing them here for now just cuz. In honor of my first person comments, I hereby sign--CurtB 20:39, 14 November 2006 (PST)

To dig or not to dig...[edit source]

At some point we will need an explanation, on this page or elsewhere, about how double-digging relates to the permaculture idea of usually not digging (letting worms etc do the work). Are there different schools of thought, or are they suitable for different situations? I suspect a bit of both. --Singkong2005 (now known as Chriswaterguy) · talk 15:51, 15 November 2006 (PST)