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Talk:Comparison of electric motors

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--> Update: relooking at brushless engine possibility; ie engine is used in Ecospeed; hence seems useful to some degree since like the brushed engine, it's a relatively simple engine to make if really small engines are required. Also, can be very easily made DIY from broken devices (ie CD-rom drives, ...) See http://www.flyelectric.ukgateway.net/motors.htm Also, efficiency is higher than of a brushed engine; downside however is the electronics: also not aware of open-source motor controllers (perhaps that Open ReVolt is one).

--> Update 2: Another engine that can be relooked into is the Pancake electric motor: might be useful if again no motor controller is needed (as simple as brushed electric engine; see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_motor#Comparison_of_motor_types ) Finally, the shaded pole motor may also be useful, but not sure how efficient it is; probably most suited for very small engines (http://www.brighthub.com/engineering/electrical/articles/47947.aspx )

--> Update 3: if either the brushed or the (preferred) pancake electric engines seem suitable, perhaps that a electromagnet-only version can be made (http://sci-toys.com/scitoys/scitoys/electro/electro3.html#two_coil ) ; this eliminates the (hard to come by) permanent magnets (especially in developing countries), at the expense of a little energy (which can be made up again by a better design, ie 3-phase, ...)

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