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Talk:CCAT bike powered tools

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-Make sure to list criteria in table in order of their weights. Largest to smallest

Feedback sections/template[edit]

Nice work so far. See below for comments on some sections:

  • Abstract
    • Try avoid using third person (I,We,Our) etc..
    • Only need to describe the problem and the approach to solving that problem. Do not include project details yet.
  • Background
    • Good
  • Problem statement
  • Criteria
    • Look over constraints to criteria once more. These need to explain in a little detail to how they will provide a definition to these criteria
    • Table looks good
  • Literature Review
    • Opening statement needs to say this was research not a review
    • Provide more detail to energy and power section. What is work and how is it used to create energy?
    • Explain in more detail what Alternating and Direct Current are in electricity section
    • Had enough sources but check their validity to the information presented.
    • Safety section is good
  • Construction
    • Be sure to move the Design section as a subheading into the construction section
    • Put captions onto each figure or photo. They need to be able to explain and stand alone in their description of the figure.
  • Timeline
    • Looks good in format, add some minor details to each deadline presented
  • Costs
    • Very Good, be sure that estimated costs for each component are accurate.
  • Operation
    • Mobile components need to have the caption below the figures and also be included into the construction section. For information about putting a caption onto a figure refer to appropedia help or my 215 project Zane Middle School RIPSAW
  • Maintenance
  • Schedule
  • Instructions
  • Conclusion
  • Testing results
  • Discussion
  • Lessons learned
  • Next steps
  • Troubleshooting
  • Team
  • Be sure to continue working hard, this was a good 1st draft. Finish up the remaining sections
  • References
    • Reference formatting looks good