Choice of herbs[edit source]

It seems that the entire project is based around the idea that a spiral shape for a herb garden is most suitable. The actual herbs meanwhile are not analysed enough.

Some main suggestions:

  • the herbs first and foremost need to be actually useful. Aldough the garden features the more "popular" herbs, they are generally not very powerful nor are they targeted at a specific malady. It is best to first determine and target the maladies; see the Appropriate_health_care_manual_1#Phytotherapy article. Next, it would be best to pick herbs which are actually indiginous to the region (almost none of the herbs you're choosing are). If they are not indiginous and no better alternatives are present to a specific malady, this isn't a problem if the plants do not produce any fertile seed.
  • Next, I find the spiral idea intriging, but I'm not quite sure whether its as useful as you say. This as a spiral-form makes it hard to harvest the herbs, aswell as maintain the garden (ie weeding, ...). Personally, I find the straight herb garden the best method (with 1m width plant spaces, continous for the length). 1m is best as one mostly can reach about 50cm with the full length of an arm (50cm x2 as there are 2 sides). In addition, the straight herb garden also allows better adaptability (there are no shaded spots, ...). Aldough this means that the herbs in this garden all need to be tolerant to the full sun, it also means that any herb can be placed anywhere, thus making the garden usable everywhere (the plant species differ depending on the region of implementation).

To select the best herbs for your garden, perhaps it's useful to take a look at the Rational Phytotherapy book I've proposed (by Volker Schulz).

Good luck with the project. KVDP 12:38, 25 March 2010 (UTC)

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