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  • Low force snaps for easy assembly/dis-assembly of mating parts  + (Snaps can be used in a variety of ways; shirts, coats, satchels or bags, or any other system that would be desired to hold together. This simple idea of a snap system and the varities of of uses make this an aopporiate OSAT project.)
  • Arctic Cat Snowmobile Choke Lever  + (Snowmobile Choke)
  • Solar energy  + (Solar energy has many uses such as electriSolar energy has many uses such as electricity production and heating. There are many projects described on appropedia that show examples of heating water, dehydrating food, producing electricity with solar panels, building solar cookers and other inventive solar devices, among many more projects. There are numerous benefits to solar energy in any form that include supporting a renewable energy source, reducing electricity bills, rebates, and advancement of photovoltaic technology.nd advancement of photovoltaic technology.)
  • Solar orientation  + (Solar orientation is important for many modern day applications and is dependent on location. There are many aspects that affect solar orientation that should be considered in any application where solar orientation should be a factor.)
  • Solar ice makers  + (Solar powered ice makers can use sunlight Solar powered ice makers can use sunlight to produce the electricity required to power a solar ice maker, or use the sunlight as a catalyst to a chemical reaction to keep an ice maker cool. Solar ice makers can be helpful for disaster relief, refugee camps, developing nations, and camping. This page gives examples of solar ice maker projects.ives examples of solar ice maker projects.)
  • DIY solar thermal collectors  + (Solar thermal collectors collect heat fromSolar thermal collectors collect heat from the sun and put it to a use. Solar thermal collectors can function as many different uses such as: solar thermal cookers, solar thermal dehydrators and solar thermal hot water heaters. This page gives several examples of each of these examples.everal examples of each of these examples.)
  • Design Optimization of Polymer Heat Exchanger for Automated Household-Scale Solar Water Pasteurizer  + (Solar water pasturizers can help clean watSolar water pasturizers can help clean water in poorer communities but a barrier to their popularity in those countries are their high capital costs, which primarily come from the heat exchanger cost. This study explored different materials/technologies to reduce the heat exchanger cost while also optimizing its performance.ost while also optimizing its performance.)
  • Easy Retained Heat cooker  + (Step by step guide to building a retained heat cooker)
  • 55 gallon drum solar water still  + (Step by step instructions for how to build a solar water condenser out of a large drum/barrel. Also has step by step instructions for how to build a solar water condenser that is left unattended for extended periods of time.)
  • La Yuca renewable energy 2014  + (Students from Humboldt State University thStudents from Humboldt State University that were part of the Practivistas Dominicanas program traveled to a city called La Yuca in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. This group of students built a solar power system for a school there that allows the school to run lights and fans and function when there is a power outage in the area as well.ere is a power outage in the area as well.)
  • Bee Feeder  + (Sugar water bee feeder)
  • SunnyBag  + (SunnyBag is a backpack that has solar charging capabilities for DC powered devices such as cell phones. This portable solar charging product is a convenient and sustainable backpack.)
  • Surgical retractors really complex  + (Surgical retractors are used in order to hSurgical retractors are used in order to hold tissue aside while surgery is performed on some underlying bodily structure. Depending on the size and depth of the cavity as well as the area of the body being accessed, different retracting implements as well as retractor ring sizes and shapes are needed.etractor ring sizes and shapes are needed.)
  • Talbot Type Water Tap  + (Talbot water taps are used extensively thrTalbot water taps are used extensively throughout the low income countries of the world. This type of tap is extremely useful for them, but is often quite expensive to purchase; sometimes so expensive that they can't get them. This type of tap allows for automatic shutoff of the water when it is released due to the water pressure pushing it closed.e to the water pressure pushing it closed.)
  • Sanctuary solar food dehydrator  + (Team BALM built a Solar Food Dehydrator for the Sanctuary, a non-profit organization located in Arcata California.)
  • Zane Middle School upcycled caddy  + (Team Falcon-Jacks assignment was to create three caddies built from upcycled material for Elizabeth Baker to store school supplies and other school materials that the students utilize)
  • Zane Middle School probability machine GID  + (Team GID (Get it Done) was tasked with the building of a probability machine to provide middle school students a hands-on demonstration of the mathematical concepts of probability)
  • Zane Middle School movable instrument storage  + (Team Strange was given the opportunity to design and assemble a movable instrument storage compartment for the music department at Zane Middle School)
  • OSAT 3D Printed Hand Pump  + (The 3-D Printed Hand Pump is an OSAT that allows liquid to be pumped from a reservoir to a container. Hand pumps are needed in across the globe for the distribution of water, oil, and other liquids.)
  • Blind Person's Assistant  + (The Blind Person's Assistant is based on uThe Blind Person's Assistant is based on ultrasound measurements. The sensor in bracelet measures distance in front of it in the range up to 12 feet (4 meters). In case of an obstacle in the range of 0.5 meters or closer, the buzzer creates a high sound and the low-power laser creates a light beam. the low-power laser creates a light beam.)
  • Redwood Coast Montessori chicken coop  + (The Chicken Coop project's objective was to house and protect poulty that may be owned by the school.)
  • DIF Adobe Senior Center 2007  + (The DIF wanted to construct a space for the viejitos of Parras who do not have families to be able to relax and enjoy a meal and the company of others, and enlisted the help of the HSU Parras program.)
  • Drop Spindle for Spinning Wool into Yarn  + (The Drop Spindle is an ancient tool used for spinning fibers such as wool, cotton, flax, and hemp into yarn, without the need for a large, expensive, and complex spinning wheel. This a 3D printable drop spindle.)
  • Flock House EcoDermis  + (The Flock House project is a concept to provide a new form of housing for different migrating populations throughout the world.)
  • FBP LC Sheller  + (The Full Belly Project is an organization The Full Belly Project is an organization which creates low cost, simple technological solutions to be implemented in developing countries. One of these solutions, the Universal Nut Sheller, minimizes the work load of women in Western Africa by allowing nuts to be shelled through this device rather than by hand.d through this device rather than by hand.)
 (The Honey Cow is designed to mimic nature as much as possible)
  • Make your own Honey Cow (Top Bar Bee Hive)  + (The Honey Cow is designed to mimic nature as much as possible.)
  • International Solar Alliance  + (The International Solar Alliance (ISA) is The International Solar Alliance (ISA) is an initiative launched by France and India during the Paris Climate Change Conference in December 2015 and aims to meet the Paris Agreement goals. It is relevant to countries that receive a lot of sunshine each year and the ISA helps that country to harness and use that sunlight as a renewable energy source.hat sunlight as a renewable energy source.)
  • WaterPod Rocket Stove  + (The M2-B2 Rocket Stove promotes sustainability through demonstration and education while on the WaterPod in New York City. The stove is designed to provide a reliable and sustainable means of cooking by minimizing fuel use and optimizing efficiency.)
  • Field Dressing Tool  + (The OSAT field dressing tool allows the user to cut only what is needed from the animal in a safe manner. With this tool the user can field dress an animal faster and safer than with a traditional blade.)
  • Drip irrigation stake  + (The OSAT is Drip irrigation assembly combining the stake and drip emitter with tubing. The drip irrigation system has been around for years, but this is the first of its kind to be 3D printed.)
  • Zane Middle School pendulum wave machine  + (The Pendulum Wave Machine is a device meant to provide educational value regarding the function of basic wave patterns.)
  • Chicken Tractor (Optimized Construction and Design)  + (The Purpose of a Chicken Tractor is to use it as a passive tilling system for a tract of land. The chickens living inside the tractor walk, pick, and eat off the grass.)
  • The Rainbow Hostel solar energy  + (The Rainbow Hostel wants to serve as an example for social sustainability in Golfito, Costa Rica so they installed a solar system with battery backup.)
  • WetLand spiral rainwater catchment  + (The Replenish Life Team, Malia Sierra BreeThe Replenish Life Team, Malia Sierra Breeze Gonzales and Neftali Eunice Romero, have created a rainwater catchment system that is intended to provide potable water for two to ten people that will be living on a barge. Jawbreaker uses an intricate spiral design functioning as the catchment system, a first flush diverter for filtration, two different size micron filters, and six 55-gallon drum.ze micron filters, and six 55-gallon drum.)
  • WAPI (Water Pasteurization Indicator)  + (The WAPI uses soybean wax in a clear plastic tube that melts at the water or milt pasteurization temperature, indicating that disease causing organisms are killed.)
  • CCAT Wash n Flush  + (The Wash n' Flush is a Humboldt State UnivThe Wash n' Flush is a Humboldt State University environmental science 410 senior project implemented by Jeffrey Steuben, Annie Welbes and Tim Dower which is located in the downstairs bathroom at CCAT. This is a toilet modification that allows users to save water by utilizing the wastewater from handwashing to flush the Toilet.ater from handwashing to flush the Toilet.)
  • WaterPod WindPod Turbine  + (The WindPod Turbine is a vertical axis wind turbine that uses the power of the wind to create energy which is then stored in the 12V battery banks.)
  • Run-off rainwater harvesting  + (The aim of this Technical Brief is to create awareness of a successful method of “run off rain water harvesting” which can be effectively used by resource poor farming households, to overcome the hardships of nature.)
  • Bucket Shower  + (The apparatus can be mounted to a 5-gallon bucket, or larger, and would be able to convert said bucket into a shower for developing countries.)
  • WetLand aquaponic system  + (The aquaponic system cycles water at a ratThe aquaponic system cycles water at a rate of 400 gallons per hour, allowing optimal oxygenation for the fish to survive, where the fish provide nutrients for the edible plants to flourish. This design is capable of producing an adequate amount of food for 3 people.g an adequate amount of food for 3 people.)
  • Azimuth  + (The azimuth angle is usually measured in degrees and describes the angle between a reference plane and a point of interest. The azimuth angle can be useful in many contexts.)
  • Hanging Garden that Minimizes Water Use  + (The basic design are buckets that can be suspended by any rope over each other with holes in the bottom to allow excess water in each bucket to spill through and water the next plant below.)
  • Solar Charged Lawnmower  + (The basic idea is to convert an older non-working gas mower into an electric powered mower by replacing the gas engine with an electric motor that runs from a 12 volt battery.)
  • Open-source 3-D Platform for Low-cost Scientific Instrument Ecosystem  + (The combination of open-source software and hardware provide technically feasible methods to create low-cost, highly-customized scientific research equipment.)
  • Fuel Container Restraint  + (The corner restraint is a simple design thThe corner restraint is a simple design that can be easily changed through it's FreeCAD file and it is designed to be printed without the use of support material to save plastic. When trying to safely transport material, this tool would be very useful and cost-efficient.l would be very useful and cost-efficient.)
  • Direct drive extrusion hot end for flexible materials  + (The current setup on the Athena II printerThe current setup on the Athena II printer is not suited for flexible materials like ninja flex. Due to the bowndeth sheath setup we mostly use stiff filaments such as PLA. The new design was based off of the desire to remove the bowden sheath from the printer and to get the same impact as a direct drive printer.the same impact as a direct drive printer.)
  • Field Ready Design - ECG Lead Holder  + (The design fulfills the need for a cheap single 3D print that will function as a ECG limb lead holder.)
  • Composite Materials Resin Mixing & Pouring Container  + (The design is made using OpenSCAD and is mThe design is made using OpenSCAD and is mostly parametric, allowing for adjustments in volume, wall thicknesses, and pouring hole sizes to suit the needs of the task. This design allows for mixing multi-part resins in the rounded body of the container as well as pouring wide, even lines of resin out of multiple holes at the top.of resin out of multiple holes at the top.)
  • Home biogas system (Philippine BioDigesters)  + (The design of most biogas systems can be traced to either the China Fixed Dome (CFD) 6+ million in-use or the India Floating Cover (IFC) 2.9+ million in-use. The Philippine BioDigester Home Biogas System (HBS) is a product of both designs.)
  • SCRAP Humboldt community tinker desk  + (The desk must be sturdy and include a large work surface to accommodate various art projects. The inclusion of up-cycled materials in the base design of the desk was mandatory for this assignment.)