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  • Banana Tree Fibre Female Hygienic Pads  + (A simplified means of using natural fibres to create a menstrual pad is described below.)
  • Solar autoclave  + (A solar autoclave is a medical device thatA solar autoclave is a medical device that has a hotter and more highly pressurized chamber that sterilizes medical tools. To accomplish this, water is passively heated by the sun and the hot water is channeled through the chamber to increase the temperature, and hot steam from the heated water is used to increase the pressure inside the chamber. This device is useful in rural places that do not have access to typical autoclaves or experiences intermittent losses of electricity.iences intermittent losses of electricity.)
  • Solar funnel  + (A solar funnel is a device that allows light to be reflected to a certain point for the desired purpose. This page suggests different ways to determine the tilt angles of the sides of the solar funnel to get the most desirable outcome.)
  • Solar Hot Water on Haeger Ave, Arcata CA  + (A solar hot water heater was installed at a location on Haeger Avenue in Arcata, CA. This is a closed loop system with a storage tank that has a drain-back gravity feed unit.)
  • DIY Solar Panel  + (A solar panel that produces enough energy to charge a smaller battery or a device)
  • Appropriate Technology Solar Powered Refrigerator  + (A solar refrigerator directly uses the sun's heat to run the refrigeration process and can have many uses.)
  • Rowan's portable pedal power generator  + (A stand allows the back wheel of a bike toA stand allows the back wheel of a bike to spin freely (usually used for indoor exercise) supports a bike that powers a generator. The generated energy (actually it is converted) is stored in a battery and used on electrical devices of an appropriate voltage.ctrical devices of an appropriate voltage.)
  • Locally manufactured thermostatic valve for water pasteurization  + (A thermostatic valve for a solar water pasteurization device. See [[Adapted thermostatic valve for water pasteurization]] for final design.)
  • Tool-Free Tile Leveling System  + (A tile leveling system to reduce tile lip A tile leveling system to reduce tile lip when installing large format tiles. The goal of the system is to be easy to use, effective, low cost, and fully editable. If needed, the entire system can be customized for an individuals needs by using the SCAD files inlinked down bellow.using the SCAD files inlinked down bellow.)
  • Stethoscope (Monaural)  + (A trained professional could get the information they need simply by pressing their ear up against the patient's chest. However, a good stethoscope makes the process both easier and more comfortable.)
  • Update to Changeable Garden Tool Heads  + (A universal, ergonomic handle, and update two tools to interchange easily with a handle.)
  • Athena Heated Print Bed  + (AS heated print bed also has the advantage of being able to use a surface like PEI (polyetherimide) to print onto.)
  • Automated Plastic Grinder/Recycler  + (Affordable and strong plastic grinder)
  • Adjustable Heated Bed  + (An adjustable heated bed that we could adjust to heat only the parts that we want to print on (limit use of power to what is needed))
  • Bike Cargo Rack  + (An affordable 3D printable cargo rack was designed for hauling goods or personal items)
  • Ankle Brace Night Splint  + (An easy treatment in the earlier stages of the injury can be the use of ankle splints during sleep which helps lengthen the plantar fascia to reduce inflammation.)
  • 3-D printing open-source click-MUAC bands for identification of malnutrition  + (An effective method for the diagnosis of severe acute malnutrition is the measurement of the middle upper arm circumference (MUAC).)
  • Electric Whisk  + (An electric hand-whisk is a handheld mechanism used for whisking, beating or stirring different liquids. This design incorporates 3D printable parts.)
  • Inverters  + (An inverter converts DC electricity into AC)
  • Smart Phone Adaptive Otoscope  + (An otoscope is a medical instrument or devAn otoscope is a medical instrument or device used to examine of the eardrum and the passage of the outer ear, which can be dificult to see to the naked eye. From an otoscope a medical professional or health care provider can diagnose or recognize ear infections, fluid in the ears, tearing of the eardrum and more.the ears, tearing of the eardrum and more.)
  • 3D Printed Otoscope  + (An otoscope is simple device used in the diagnosis of ear, nose, and throat diseases.)
  • Sunbrella  + (An umbrella is a mighty appropriate tool in Humboldt County, as is a cooker that utilizes a clean renewable resource. Thus, we decided to combine the two to make an incredible apparatus: an umbrella in the rain, a solar cooker in the Sun... a Sunbrella!)
  • Chicken Feed Holder  + (Appropriate chicken feed holders can help keep feed isolated from contamination such as feces and minimize the outbreak of diseases.)
  • Parametric elbow splint  + (Arm injuries are a very common occurrence, especially with children and younger adults that are working in manual labor)
  • AutoInjector  + (AutoInjectors are a spring-loaded device that aides in delivering the proper dosages of certain medicines. Prototype scad files for Autoject El replica are found in external links.)
  • 7up  + (Bicycle part)
  • Bicycle Brake Caliper  + (Brake Calipers are an important component required to build a bicycle.)
  • Parametric quick release buckles  + (Buckles are very useful and found on a wide variety of items; however, if one breaks, it is hard to find a cheap replacement. Since buckle sizes vary depending on the application, I made a fully parametric OpenSCAD design.)
  • Solar Water Heater, La Quinta, California  + (Build a solar batch water heater and install at my residents in La Quinta, California.)
  • CCAT Raised Garden Beds  + (Building garden beds and growing within a controlled environment will make the plants grow healthier and also will prevent toxic chemicals from leaching their way into whatever will be grown in the beds.)
  • Butterfly Handlebars for bike  + (Butterfly bicycle handlebars designed to fit 25.4 mm clamp.)
  • Contoured Spigot for 5-gallon buckets  + (By modeling a bucket with just its top and bottom diameters and its average thickness, it's easy to design a spigot with contours that fit well. This design is expected to fit a wide range of bucket sizes effectively.)
  • Clamps with gearing system  + (By using a geared system, much more force can be placed on objects compared to an un-geared clamp.)
  • 3D Printed Carpet Knife  + (Carpenter knife)
  • Clamps: "Wooden" Handscrew Style  + (Clamps are an essential tool in building just about anything from scratch. This OSAT is intended to take the place of woodworking clamps.)
  • Commode  + (Compact, cheap commodes could be used in disaster relief operations, hospitals, and households.)
  • Compound parabolic concentrators  + (Compound parabolic concentrators (CPCs) caCompound parabolic concentrators (CPCs) can be additions to solar water stills, solar water pasturizers, and solar cookers. CPCs can increase the output of these devices along with their efficiency by concentrating the sunlight to make the device more effective.unlight to make the device more effective.)
  • CCAT papercrete clayslip demo wall  + (Constructed, with the help of CCAT and stuConstructed, with the help of CCAT and student volunteers, from stick frame and infilled with papercrete and clay-slip straw with a recycled brick base, and covered by a cedar shingle roof. This wall will then have information signs attached for visitors of CCAT campus.igns attached for visitors of CCAT campus.)
  • Laser trip-wire shutoff  + (Construction of a laser trip-wire to shut off a Delta printer (specifically MOST delta RepRap) in the event of a detached hotend nozzle)
  • Hot  + (Construction of a laser trip-wire to shut off a Delta printer in the event of a detached hotend nozzle or rod)
  • Cotton to yarn maker  + (Cotton obtained from the farm can be extracted into yarn with this tool.)
  • Crawler Harness Holder  + (Crawler Harnesses can be cumbersome to keep in your tackle box without a holder and more often than not, if you're walleye fishing, you have a tackle box FULL of crawler harness holders just to keep up)
  • UTC solar water pasteurizer  + (Creation of a Solar Water Pasteurizer prototype.)
  • Updated Forestry Densiometer (Smartphone Capable)  + (Densiometers are simple tools used by foresters all over the world to roughly estimate the amount of foliage coverage in a certain area of trees.)
  • Dental Chair  + (Dental Chair (SCAD files not provided))
  • WaterPod Soil-less Growing System  + (Design a system that would grow food for the occupants of the barge without the presence of soil.)
  • Rainwater Catchment J Gnarly  + (Design and install a safe, easy to use and maintainable rain water catchment system.)
  • Medical Tweezers  + (Designed in response to a request for MediDesigned in response to a request for Medical Tweezers from Field Ready. This is a versatile design for Medical Tweezers as it's designed in openSCAD to be customized to the user's desire, such as number or teeth, grip points, space between each grip, size of the tip, and etcetween each grip, size of the tip, and etc)
  • CCAT Waschen und Spülen Toilette  + (Die "Waschen & Sp√ºlen" ist ein umweltDie "Waschen & Sp√ºlen" ist ein umweltwissenschaftliches Projekt der Humboldt State Universit√§t, welches durch Jeffrey Steuben, Annie Welbes und Tim Dower realisiert und in der Toilette im Untergeschoss des CCAT umgesetzt wurde. Es handelt sich um eine Modifikation der Toilette, die es dem Benutzer erm√∂glicht Wasser zu sparen, in dem das Abwasser des H√§ndewasschens zum Sp√ºlen der Toilette wieder verwendet Sp√ºlen der Toilette wieder verwendet wird.)
  • Walnut Cracker  + (Dried nuts such as walnut are grown in couDried nuts such as walnut are grown in countries like Brazil and India Predominantly. For these small scale farmers, cracking walnut with hand crusher is a tedious task and to overcome the issues of ergonomics and usability, the following walnut cracker is designed. the following walnut cracker is designed.)
  • Electric Mountain Board  + (Electric Mountain Board)