A time switch is a timer that operates an electric switch controlled by the timing mechanism. It can be used to spread the operation of appliances throughout the day and/or to make use of electricity during off-peak hours.

DIY time switch allowing smart-grid functionality[edit | edit source]

The timeswitch can be build diy and doing so may (as the project develops) unlock new functions and allow the system of becoming more advanced. The extra function the diy timeswitch could deliver would be to allow the system of becoming flexible. Thus instead of turning on the highly energy consuming machines at a certain, preset time, the system itself may decide when to turn them on (at any given time when energy prices are low, and the energy grid is is delivering under-capacity). Practically, this is possible by upgrading the plug-in timeswitch and allowing it to gather the grid-situation information from the internet (through internet connection over the powerline). This feature would ensure that, as more users make use of the system, the peak load for the electricity grid does not simply jump to a later moment of day. However, atleast in the projects begin, this would definitly not be the case and thus for the moment, this feature does not need to be implemented.

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Plug-in timeswitch DIY improvement

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