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SimpleLinux is a distribution that is based from Slackware (and Slax). Has it's first user on 17 May 2007, which is one month after simpleLinux is being studied. simpleLinux distribution held on Malaysia, on a place named Ampang, Selangor. It has 17 developers today.

simpleLinux intended to be easy to use. Though our users said that so. It's has a very classic view when you've not customized anything, but could be even similar to Ubuntu 10.04 and Mint 8 Helena, all by desktop tweaks by XFCE 4 window manager.

It has two different version, it is EXT (extended) and Mini. EXT is which the disto is preloaded with many applications that is open-source and other tools that suit for user's needs. Meanwhile, the Mini version is so much smaller, only containing the kernel (64 MB) and some applications, makes the development to 90 MB now.

Releases[edit | edit source]

SimpleLinux EXT[edit | edit source]

Installed with many applications that is needed by users. It is using XFCE window manager (version 4). The project is helped by many people around the world.

The contents of simpleLinux distribution can be seen here: The contents of simpleLinux EXT

SimpleLinux EXT Release One: The first release of SimpleLinux by SimpleLinux Foundation. Released on 15 January 2010

SimpleLinux EXT Release 2: The second release of SimpleLinux with more bugfixes, released on 15 March 2010

SimpleLinux Mini[edit | edit source]

Its only 90 megs of size. It fit on business cards or mini-Cds.

Feature Blackbox window manager. For user experience, this Blackbox version has been patched to be use in simpleLinux and very small in size or versatile.

SimpleLinux Mini Alpha One: The first release of SimpleLinux Mini, on 15 February 2010.

Default Window Manager[edit | edit source]

XFCE is the default SimpleLinux EXT Window manager. Hence, XFCE use lower system resources. However, SimpleLinux Mini does not include XFCE window manager but it is using Openbox window manager. Openbox window manager is versatile and small in size.

Features[edit | edit source]

Additional software can be added and removed, using Slackware packages and Slax modules. Slackware packages can be converted to Slax modules with the tgz2lzm command. However, users can download the application modules at Slax primary mirror. Hence, with dir2lzm command, you can convert any Linux applications.

Versions[edit | edit source]

EXT Version[edit | edit source]

Include many apps, such as KDE 3.5 Desktop Window Manager, KOffice, Kopete, KDE Games, JuK, Konqueror and many more. Using XFCE Window manager as default.

Mini Version[edit | edit source]

Is similar with simpleLinux EXT. However, Openbox is used as the default Window Manager. Contain only basic applications and utilities.

Applications[edit | edit source]

Applications of simpleLinux is easy to make of. All you need is to make sure their dependencies, because we have patched Python, QT, Java etc for users to use specific application.

Lets build applications simpleLinux

Also, this applications can be found on the development:

  1. KDE 3.5
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Adobe Flash Player
  4. KGet
  5. QT
  6. XFCE wm

The Primary Mirror[edit | edit source]

After suffering for 3 years, simpleLinux finally taken people's heart, whoare kindly willing to host simpleLinux distribution files.

Local mirror[edit | edit source]

A local mirror is situated at University Putra Malaysia (

All files is located at

Global mirror[edit | edit source]

Global mirror usually faster for who lives outside Malaysia.

There is a few mirrors located everywhere on earth:

  1. (Europe areas)
  2. (Europe areas)
  3. (Singapore)
  4. (Russia)
  5. (CDN)
  6. (Torrent - UK)

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