The MIT Earth Day celebration will take place on April 27 in the Stata Center.

Earth Day Events[edit | edit source]

  • Bicycle Repair
  • Etc.

Groups we would like to host tables[edit | edit source]

  • SfGS
  • SAVE
  • Energy Club
  • SustainUS
  • Design that Matters
  • WGR
  • EHS
  • Etc.

Action items[edit | edit source]

Previous Documents[edit | edit source]

Steve's public directory

Bike repair booth report[edit | edit source]

The booth was located outdoors just outside the Stata Center TSMC lobby, and was ran by volunteers who took on hourly shifts from 9am-5pm. In case of wet weather, the plan was to locate this booth indoors near the western Vassar entrance to Stata Center.

Volunteers were solicited from the MIT Outing Club (mailing list and the MIT Cycling Team (exec contact email: A call for volunteers was also announced on the MIT Public Service Center's Community Service Bulletin ( We tried to ensure that there were at least 2 volunteers in each hourly shift.

The booth set-up includes waterproof tarps to line and protect the floor surface. Key repair equipment, such as a bicycle stand, air pump, and hand tools was borrowed from SfGS members and the volunteers. Other supplies like grease, rags, spare bicycle parts (inner tubes, brake cables, etc.) were donated by a local bicycle store. Unused supplies were returned to the store at the end of the day.

Many cyclists stopped by with their bicycles, most interested in getting tune-ups. While volunteers could not personally help everyone who stopped by, most cyclists helped one another and themselves with the equipment and supplies available.

PARTICIPANT CONTACTS - Zipcar Renee Pascale, Regional Marketing Manager Tel 617-995-4239 fax 617-995-4300

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