Pot Filters, Ceramic Water Purifiers, Ceramic Water Filters, Ceramic Silver Water Filters

Believed to be developed by Dr. in Nicaragua in 198x this simple technology is growing in popularity as a reliable point of use water filtration system.

Brief description[edit | edit source]

An earthenware clay is mixed with an organic burnout material of proper particle size. The material is then formed into the shape of a pot and fired. In the process of firing the organic material burns away leaving micro-pores in the fired clay body. After firing the filters are often treated with colloidal silver or silver nitrate to prevent bacterial or plant growth inside the pot. Contaminated water is put into the pot, and as it passes through the small pores bacteria and particles are removed. these filters have commonly acchieved a 98% success rate in removing coliform bacteria (I have some studies to post later). The pot filters are usually made to fit into a receptacle such as a 5 gallon bucket to capture the filtered water.

Detailed description[edit | edit source]

  • Mani Kiln Diagram -PWB filterpress blueprints -Filter Mold blueprints
  • Firing schedule -Sample recipes -Colloidal silver application methods
  • Flow test and quality control standards
  • Studies -Video references -Website Links