This Stirling engine, developed by Dean KamenW, uses any heat source to produce electricity. This is probably done by either a dynamo or alternator fixed to the drive shaft, converting the mechanical to electrical power. It is about the size of a washing machine and produces 1 kW. At first glance, it looks like a regular Alpha-type stirling engine.

Use in microfinancing arrangements[edit | edit source]

Iqbal Quadir, the founder of Grameen PhoneW, conducted a six-month field trial, ending in September 2005. "This is a reliable machine," he says.

Kamen’s goal is to produce machines that cost $1,000 to $2,000 each. Under the Grameen model, they would be owned by entrepreneurs (funded by microcredit from the Grameen BankW). Quadir sees this as a better model than a single large power plant, in that it creates many entrepreneurs.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Water purification[edit | edit source]

Kamen thinks the waste heat of this device could be used to operate his other invention, the Slingshot water purifier.

Other Kamen Stirling engines[edit | edit source]

A different ? Stirling used by Kamen is used for transport, ie for the DEKA ReVolt. See here

Questions[edit | edit source]

  • What is the latest news on the technology and the use of it with the Grameen model?[expansion needed]
(Google News for Kamen + Stirling - )

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