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If you have plenty of space available, Mabolo is an interesting option for the guerrilla gardener in tropical areas since:

  • It is a fairly fast growing, large tree
  • Female trees yield a lot of tasty fruit
  • Once established, Mabolos require minimal care
  • It is not fussy about soil types
  • It provides high quality timber

Points to note are:

  • Mabolos are dioeciousW, so a lone tree will not fruit
  • It takes at least 5 years to set fruit

Planting[edit | edit source]

Mabolo tolerates a wide variety of soils, but is not tolerant of waterlogged soil or of cold.

Propagation[edit | edit source]

Mabolos are dioeciousW, so both males and females are needed to set fruit. I am unsure how long it takes to detect which gender a tree is.

Vegetative propogation and grafting are also possible, either to speed time to fruiting or for propogation of superior or seedless cultivars.