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You have two option for your portfolio:

  1. You can have an Appropedia Userpage.
  2. You can have a sorrel ( page.

If on Appropedia, your files (beside your photo) must reside on sorrel and be linked from your Appropedia userpage. Some examples: and

If on sorrel, Course Portfolio web page should be named: engr215.html and it should be located in your public_html directory on your sorrel account. Here is an example: Chelsea Huff -

Your Course Portfolio should provide evidence of your ability to:

  • Write a memo (link a pdf file of a memo you have written) (20 points)
  • Use spread sheet software (link a pdf or xls file of a spreadsheet you have written) (20 points)
  • Use project planning software (link a pdf file of a Gantt Chart you have made) (20 points)
  • Use CAD software (link a pdf file of a drawing you have made) (20 points)
  • Collaboratively write and format a significant document (link a pdf file of your design report) (20 points)
  • For extra credit, you could include other evidence of your skills (including an advanced webpage)
  • Your other skills (Your resume)
  • Other ideas?
  • Your web page need not be fancy. It needs to be clear, professional in appearance and include basic information such as your name.

Be sure to POST the URL of your page on Moodle. To avoid errors, make sure to Copy & Paste the URL from the address bar in your browser.

If doing a Sorrel page:

-10 points for wrong name

If doing an Appropedia page:

-15 points for posting the non-photo files to Appropedia

Either way:

-25 or more points for not posting the link here on Moodle.
-lots of points if late.