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Published 2009
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Folders of the following (make less than 110MB):

  • Final Document (both pdf and word) []
  • Presentation (ppt) []
  • Poster (original and pdf) []
  • Images (with subfolders for the following) [Images]
    • Images from poster [Poster Images]
    • Images from presentation [Presentation Images]
    • Images/Videos of model [Model Images]
    • Images of final design (AutoCAD and others) [Design Images]
    • Images of alternative final designs [Alternative Design Images]
    • Miscellaneous images (group members, presentation day, etc.) [Misc Images]
  • Appropedia Page printed as a PDF [ShortTeamname_215WP_S09Desc.pdf]
  • Useful other stuff (e.g. pertinent manuals, data, etc.) [Folder]
  • Anything else you would like to add

These items (including the bound document) will not be returned. Please also include written permission, to me and WP, for the document to be used in the future in anyway... as stated on the bound document assignment.