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Lesson Plan for Wednesday, May 31

Name of Lesson: Introduction

Goals[edit | edit source]

  • To introduce ourselves to the students at the asilo
  • To meet the students we will be working with for the next month and a half
  • To see the garden that was started last year

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • The students will learn our names
  • We will learn the student’s names
  • We will know what changes need to be made from last year’s garden

Materials[edit | edit source]

  • Camera
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Song lyrics

Teacher Set[edit | edit source]

“Hola me llamo Juliana y esta es Irene. Somos de los Estados Unidos de un estado que se llama California. Estamos aquí por diez semanas. El año pasado unas chicas de California vinieron y hicieron un jardín aquí. Nosotros venimos a continuar trabajando en el jardín y les vamos a enseñar sobre el. Hoy vamos a conocerles y jugar unos juegos para que podemos aprender sus nombres.”

Activity[edit | edit source]

Name Game[edit | edit source]

Each student will go around and say her name and what she likes to do. For example, “My name is Juliana and I like working in the garden.” (Me llamo Juliana y me gusta trabajar en el jardín.) The first person will say their name and the thing they like to do, then the second person will repeat what the first person said and then say their name and what they like to do. Go around in a circle until everyone has repeated the names and what they like to do of the people before them and their own names. The last people to go will be the teachers or those unfamiliar with the names of the others so that they are the ones that repeat the whole circle of names. After the game is over make sure to ask all participants if they have any doubts about the others names and to clarify it at that moment.

Picture taking[edit | edit source]

After you finish the name game, take a picture of each student and have them write their name down in order to have clarification in case you forget a student’s name.

Song: El Tambor[edit | edit source]

Once the pictures are taken explain to the students “Ahora vamos a cantar una cancion que se llama El Tambor. Tenemos que hacer un círculo porque alguien va a bailar en el centro. Primero voy a cantar y después repiten después de yo.”

El Tambor is a good song to build relationships and to practice learning your student’s names.

El Tambor

El tambor, el tambor, el tambor de alegría
Yo quiero que tú me lleves al tambor de alegría
(Name of a student), (Name of student), (Name of student)
example: Ana, Ana, Ana,
Ana, mi amiga, yo quiero que tu me lleves al tambor de alegría.
El tambor, el tambor, el tambor de alegría
Yo quiero que tú me lleves al tambor de alegría
(Repeat from beginning and use a different student’s name)

Assessment[edit | edit source]

To make sure the students have learned the names of the others in the group you can verbally ask them and can asses by seeing which ones did and which ones did not learn the names. After singing the song you can see how the students react and if they feel comfortable with you or in the group as a whole.