Farmers in Chinese greenhouse. Background shows implementation using concrete supports, a very economical and common design option.

There is a special type of solar greenhouse that is common in China but largely unknown in the rest of the world. The concept originated in the 1970s and 80s and has been promoted by the government in China. To maximize solar heat collection, the greenhouse is facing south but has solid walls on its north (back), east and west side. Another feature is that it can be covered with insulating material at night (straw mats, other), which is then rolled up again in the morning. Most of these greenhouses do not require extra heating during the cold season, yet still manage to avoid freezing temperatures. The precise geometric configuration depends on latitude. All sorts of variations exist, from very low-tech, build-it-yourself versions with simple materials (bricks, rammed earth, bamboo, etc.) to very high-tech versions (steel, ventilation). The articles linked below, especially the one from Low-Tech Magazine, have much more information and photos.




  • 纬度相对较低,因此太阳能增益较高
  • 寒冷的冬天,但很少下雪
  • 强烈寒冷的北风(抵御)
  • 廉价劳动力(建造、运营)
  • 人口密度高(因此当地食品需求量大)
  • 政府对小规模农业的大力支持



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