Missing Components of AT Definition[edit source]

  • Sexy
  • Fun
  • Thinking
  • Cradle to cradle design
  • Helps involve and strengthens community
  • Encourages self sufficiency
  • Includes locals in the process and allows them to make co executive decisions.
  • Meets the goals and uses the ideas of locals.
  • Makes changes with consideration of the source of the problem and sensitivity to the history of the area.
  • Conscience for future generations
  • Implementation of technology keeping in mind its impacts
  • Self-questioning
  • Doing our best to discover what works
  • Logic
  • Beauty
  • Functionality
  • Effectively utilize local wealth
  • Fiscally self-sustainable
  • Expresses the culture of local people
  • AT is possible through education
  • Necessary for the future of a sustainable planet
  • Affordable (be able to be repaired or replaced)
  • Understood by those that operate it and the community
  • Make shorter and more concise
  • Reconsider the limitation of the word HUMAN in human health and happiness. Maybe it should include more of the rest of the world. Ex: Animals, water, plants, sun..
These are all good, but many relate more to sustainability. I would suggest that we keep in mind that the definitions of Sustainability and Appropriate technology are separate, when we describe these terms. Sustainability is an important part of being "appropriate," but it is only one part, and the sustainability of a certain solution (e.g. solar power) may be outweighed by the cost... though another sustainable solution may be possible which is more affordable (e.g. perhaps a generator running on biodiesel). --Singkong2005 (now known as Chriswaterguy) t - c 20:35, 30 July 2006 (PDT)

Current proposed definition[edit source]

Appropriate Technology supports human health and happiness through:

  • effectively utilizing local knowledge, materials, and labor to improve local economy and workforce
  • finding, creating and utilizing symbiotic relationships between individuals, communities and their environment
  • mimicking nature to reduce environmental impacts while seeking to improve current conditions
  • encouraging transparency, equality and empowerment through education

while being sensitive to cultural and political context.

New proposed defintion[edit source]

Appropriate Technology is a analytical, iterative and cooperative approach to supporting health and happiness by:

  • effectively leveraging local knowledge, materials, wealth and labor
  • strengthening symbiotic relationships between individuals, communities and their environment
  • employing biomimicry and cradle to cradle design
  • encouraging transparency, equality and empowerment through education
  • considering cultural, political and historical context
  • effecting fun, sexy and functional solutions

to bolster local economy and workforce, reduce environmental impacts and improve current conditions for the future.

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