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Thoughts on organizing Organizations:

  1. Seems like we may need subcategories for the organizations, just for navigation and management. I've found a fair number of organizations that work in providing clean water, and ditto solar orgs. Shall we separate out academic groups (e.g. the University of Sierra Leone org)? I guess for now I can just get busy adding orgs, and we'll sort out the details later.
  2. Right now we have orgs that are what I would call "developers" of Appropriate Technology. I believe we should also include potential AT consumers. I'm thinking here of various volunteer or other aid delivery orgs, as well as local community groups, such as NGEDEA, who I found is working with the San Francisco Professionals chapter of EWB. Again, the number of orgs will get big pretty quick, which is great of course, but implies some structure. Again, we'll sort it out... Before I add those groups, though...
  3. The ALL CAPS approach is uncomfortable to read for me; it seems like shouting. If there is some compelling standard for this formatting, I'll leave it be. Otherwise, I'll get busy and reformat into easier to read stuff... But I'm not going to BE BOLD only to have the work reverted, so let me know.

--Curtbeckmann 22:13, 3 October 2006 (PDT)